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Hello there!  This is a different kind of post….I’m going to share a project we want to do!

Um.  Oh wait…I guess we usually do that, don’t we?  But this different because this is a project we want to do THAT WE NEED LOTS OF HELP WITH.

Ever since the Collaborations post went viral, people have been asking me to make book.  “You should make a book!” they’d say, and I totally agreed with them because they’re all awesome.  We had a few publisher nibbles, but they all fizzled.  They said they weren’t really sure how to sell it.  (Do you know you have to have a TON of existing interest in your idea and a ready-made audience online before anyone at a publishing company will even LOOK at it?   I mean, how do new things even ever happen that way?)

Anyway, after many trying and much attempts, it occurred…

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Etsy Craft Party

After a busy Thursday of paperwork, it was wonderful to end the day with my first Etsy Craft Party!


The good people at the welcome table were nice enough to write out my name badge for me because I was busy carrying paperwork (see first sentence of this post), girl scout cookies (I finally was able to pick them up from my friend whose little sister a I purchased them from months ago), a delicious Kimchi Taco, and a can of Coca-Cola.

As one woman filled out my name for me, another friendly helper gave me a craft bag and instructions for this year’s craft. The party this year had a theme of giving back to your community, so our community made hand puppets for the Children’s Aid Society.

image-1 image-2

image-3 image

They also hand lots of cool stickers for us to take home as souvenirs!

I met up with a friend at the craft party, but I also got to experience a lot of friendly new people at my table. It was nice to see some friendly faces working on a craft and sharing a few supplies and stories along the way. They were a pretty funny bunch too! Who know you could crack jokes about scissors and thread that are actually funny?

I didn’t make it to the very beginning of the party, so I wasn’t able to stay long enough to see the team of sewing machine volunteers stich my puppet together (I’m pretty bummed about that) but I did take a few pictures of the embroidery I did, so you can get an idea of what it looks like as an almost-finished-product.


This was very fun and I love the cause! I can’t wait for more Etsy parties in the future!