Mrs. White is my Spirit Animal

In the board game Clue, Mrs. White is a middle aged maid. For reasons unbeknownst to me, John Landis (producer) and Jonathan Lynn (writer/director) ingeniously rewrote the character of Mrs. White into a neurotic black widow played by Madeline Kahn.  That raven clad classy head-case is my spirit animal.

Just to Clarify

List of Cluedo characters

This frightening maid is NOT my spirit animal.   List of Cluedo characters (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This nut job IS my spirit animal.

Obligatory Disclaimer:  I am not–nor do I ever intend on being–a black widow in the midst of a blackmail scandal in a spooky mansion located vaguely “somewhere in New England.” And no, I do not feel guilty that my spirit animal fits the aforementioned description.

And on that note, I shall now proceed with a litany of reasons as to why Mrs. White is so badass.

Join me as we take this trip together in pictures.

Exhibit A:

Even when she is about to expose her blackmailer, Mrs. White manages to remain collected and classy.

Exhibit B:

Sure, you might not agree with her logic, but it’s hard to argue with her airtight one liners.

Exhibit C:

She isn’t afraid to be blunt.

Exhibit D:

This is a lady who knows how to have a good time even in the strangest of high stress situations.

Exhibit E:

She’s in touch with her emotions.

You know what, I’m not going to leave you high and dry. Here’s the video of this beautiful monologue.

P.S. She improved ALL of that.

Also, she’s the only one providing harmony on For She’s a Jolly Good Fellow

Way to be one of a kind, Madeline. The best.


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